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What to do if the automatic dispenser motor does not reset

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Motor is the power source of automatic dispensing machine. If the motor does not reset, it will no longer be able to dispense glue normally. What causes the motor to not reset?Can be judged from the use time period, each motor also has a life span, which is very long. It may be the life span. If you use the time period, there will be problems. You can see if the following methods can solve them.
1. The mechanical axis moves automatically
Solution: Check if you press the emergency knob to give the dispensing stop command.
2. Wiring problems
Each motor has a specified line, cannot touch the error, will not follow the instructions to move or cannot control the motor.
3. Is the dispensing firmware correct
Whether to install according to the specified firmware, upgrade, or update the firmware to adjust the parameters of the dispenser.
These are the main reasons why the motor does not reset. The chance of clamping is very small, and the production and installation are basically done by the company. If these can produce errors, the production equipment can not be carried out, or the product quality is not high. The automatic dispenser machine is very important, mainly in the position of step motor and server motor.Server motors are the main choice for high precision devices.
Server motors are relatively complex and have about 10 times higher precision than stepping motors. The manufacturer will specify what type of motor to use. It has a long life, high precision and strong stability. It is liked by the manufacturer relatively. The failure rate is also very low. Selecting a brand manufacturer, although the price is more expensive, the quality and accuracy can be made up for.
Do you know how to solve the problem of not resetting the motor of the automatic dispenser now?These are the solutions, if not, you can contact the manufacturer who sells the machine, because they are familiar with their own machine, so it is very helpful for maintenance, quickly eliminate problems.