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What factors will affect the quality of automatic glue dispe

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Automatic glue dispensing machine belongs to a jet type automatic dispensing machine in one, is a large automatic glue dispensing machine, can be used in many places especially large objects, the application of the technology is relatively mature, because of the large products need to use glue, glue glue will be much larger than the general point glue, requirements for the dispensing accuracy is relatively low, so the large automatic glue dispensing machine is not suitable for the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry precision dispensing industry.
Each dispenser will have some influence factors to the dispensing quality, these problems need to be solved, so as to ensure the dispensing machine output environment, can affect the quality of the large work automatic glue dispensing machine in addition to the internal factors, and external factors, some factors are small, some relatively large, in use when you need pay attention to the spray machine.
The factors of environmental impact are temperature and humidity, and these two are the most influential factors. Low temperature or too high will affect the activity of glue, the activity is the speed of glue curing machine, low activity of glue solidify slowly, and vice versa. Every year, there will be a period of time and humidity will be heavier, the air is full of water, will affect the concentration of glue, these are the factors that impact the large automatic glue dispenser.
In addition to the impact of external factors, will also have the internal influence, because of the large automatic glue dispensing machine is a mechanical device, then use time for a period of time there will be some small problems, small problems will affect the accuracy and speed of dispensing machine, within a short period of time may be no problem, but will be a long time this leads to a big problem, for dispensing harm is relatively large.