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How does the circular glue dispenser dot glue?

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The dispensing machine is round LED bulb production of special equipment, due to the characteristics of the material placing groove so only use circular objects dispensing, targeted and simple operation, the majority is dispensing control through the program, also can adjust by manual switch, most users are not familiar with the dispensing machine, below small by some relevant information to introduce.
Circular dispensing material placement tank very much and is relatively small, so can only perform like dispensing bulb of this kind of work, of course, also can undertake dispensing for some small motors or watches, a plurality of stations to reduce the frequency of loading and unloading, to a certain extent save dispensing time required and increasing work capacity. The main step is to use small stepping motor as the driving mode. The working time is long and the glue dispensing force is enough, which will not affect the normal dispensing effect. It is applied to high strength production line and the effect is very good.
And the automatic dispensing machine, circular dispensing machine is through the pneumatic device to control the flow of glue dispensing, adjusted to ensure rapid execution of work by dispensing pressure, through the circular glue dispensing after lighting whether it is practical or appearance are improved. You can choose different dispensing valve to perform various dispensing work, both to ensure the dispensing quality can improve the production efficiency of dispensing dispensing work, ensure the coherence is very important, circular glue dispensing machine utilization rate is very high, so some large needle assembly can perform long dispensing work.
Dispensing fluid applicable more, including red glue, yellow glue, AB glue etc. are applicable, some special glue can be used, pay attention to the choice of dispensing fluid should be taken into account when the bulb is suitable for dispensing.