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Maintenance knowledge of micro multi axis automatic glue dis

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The trace is the glue for more stringent control, multi axis automatic dispensing machine in chip packaging and dispensing control for horn glue is relatively strict, careful operation in the maintenance process, otherwise the dispensing machine parts shift, it will affect the dispensing accuracy, especially in the number of axles, axle number more, more easily damage.
In fact, as long as familiar with the maintenance process, it is easier to accomplish, beginning not familiar, need careful operation, so that it can ensure the multi axis automatic dispensing machine is not damaged, may touch, feel the mechanical axis did not shift, can be assured, but this light touch might affect the trace control of glue. The impact will be relatively large.
Maintenance is to ensure the automatic dispensing experiment of multi axis, not glue the problem of bad, so need to be able to ensure the maintenance of knowledge of it, at least can touch the needle after correction crooked position, so that it can ensure the output environment of multi axis automatic dispensing machine.
Micro multi axis automatic dispensing machine maintenance mainly depends on the number of axles, multi axis is the characteristics of it, the dispenser can be circular dispensing, dispensing technology is generally circular circular dispensing machine to be able to do this, and add this dispensing dispensing technology is in order to strengthen the competitive ability, the environment is the need to use some glue the circular dispensing, so for enterprises to reduce the purchase of other types of dispensing equipment.
In fact, micro multi axis automatic dispensing machine has many similarities with other dispensing machines, but we need to pay attention to the characteristics of multi axis dispensing machine. As long as we pay attention to the maintenance mode on the characteristics, we can do that. Other maintenance will follow other dispensing machines.