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Why the manufacturing industry chooses spray type dispenser

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China's manufacturing industry is to intelligent production in the direction of the development of the labor market, the rising cost of most manufacturing industry manufacturers prefer intelligent production, in order to achieve efficient production effect through the use of intelligent equipment, while also reducing the human cost, the jet dispensing machine is an intelligent production equipment. Have a very strong role in the majority of manufacturing industries.
Jet dispensing machine belongs to an intelligent dispensing equipment, using a unique spray process with glue coating to achieve work, a glue mist distribution is the advantage of bonding area wider and more efficient, and high utilization rate of materials, applicable to different types of glue spraying atomization, without Z axis, ensure with highly consistent glue, and dispensing needles without direct contact with the workpiece, to avoid scratches and other conditions.
The Chinese operation interface, quick and easy initial contact, support directly into CAD engineering drawing, reading fast retrieval convenient, glue, glue, glue speed time working parameters can be set arbitrarily according to the actual demand, reflected in the use of sophisticated production line, can be coated with the execution of the work point, line and plane irregular path combination, through the collocation line of work can meet the high demand for more glue coating.
High precision jet dispensing machine has a lot of originality in the practical application, through the metering glue to ensure high precision and high quality glue coating, ensure that there is no glue overflow problem, application of high precision jet dispensing machine is very large, mainly in the investment application of microelectronic products.