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How to choose a suitable high speed spray automatic dispense

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The dispensing machine was born in Europe, as early as 60s, in order to supply the demand on production process, dispensing the original appearance, with the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing machine is already unable to meet the high requirements of industrial production, in order to meet the demand of the large scale of the dispensing machine of the electronics industry, Japan developed the first automatic jet dispensing machine!
If an enterprise needs to use the dispensing equipment, and is not very understanding, how to a high speed jet dispensing machine choose? How to judge the dispensing equipment for their own production? The selection criteria in the following on from the small simple introduction of high speed jet dispensing machine?
The product of the high speed spray automatic dispensing machine is the demand for the micro glue technology of the flexible circuit board and the module. Whether a device is good or not depends on what kind of products it produces, where it is used for, where dispensers are different for different processes, and the dispensing equipment is also different. High speed jet dispensers are all equipped with pipelines, with high efficiency, high accuracy and stable operation, which can meet the market demand. The equipment configuration adopted by different glue is different.
You must first know the nature of the production of products, products need what kind of glue to bond, you are producing products for precision dispensing have high requirement, it can also determine the dispensing equipment you need, like a high speed jet type automatic dispensing machine is relatively dense fine dispensing equipment, such equipment can be good for precision dispensing for high requirements of the product.