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Generally, the use of domestic glue machine or foreign, why?

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Due to the rapid development in recent years the dispensing, dispensing machine different types on the market, such as: high speed dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine, precision dispensing machine, which consists of imported and domestic, so many people in the choice of a dispensing equipment often puzzled, do not know how to choose, such as: high speed jet dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine etc.. If it is to choose a kind of glue equipment to choose? If we want to know how to choose, we must analyze the gap between the dispensers abroad and the domestic dispensers. Here is a brief introduction to the users in the Xiaobian made in China.
First, control level: the domestic dispensing machine has been lagging behind for over ten years in terms of measurement and control technology, mainly on the control accuracy of glue and the accuracy of product repetition.
Two, competitiveness: because our country has a high dependence on the advanced rubber dispensing equipment abroad, the domestic dispensing equipment is far less efficient and competitive than foreign dispensers.
Three, embodied in the concept and form of development: home-made dispensing machine initially started from analog foreign technology, and then determined the type of equipment according to the demand of dispensing market, so there is no innovation ability.
Four, production efficiency and energy saving: most of the dispensers in China have large energy consumption. They are generally 2 times the same type dispensers abroad, while the speed is half of the dispensers abroad. The development time of dispensers is 3 times that of foreign countries, and the dispensing machine life expectancy is half of that abroad.
From the above, we can see the gap between domestic dispensing machine and dispensing machine abroad, but with the rapid development of dispenser industry in recent years, a part of domestic dispensing machine can still match with foreign dispensing machine.