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Is there a problem in the use of jet dispensing in electroni

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Dispensing machine is a cost-effective dispensing equipment. It was first born in Europe and America. With the rapid development of industry, machine instead of handicraft production has become the trend of social development. Dispensing machine has saved a lot of labor cost. Later, the development of the glue dispenser gradually entered the Asian region as early as the use of the glue dispenser in Japan.
Because Japan belongs to the island, small area, human resources unlimited, the electronics industry in Japan the wise choice of the dispensing machine to replace the human to complete dispensing operation, productivity has been greatly improved, so many Japanese manufacturers have foreign OEM dispenser, and dispenser that entered the Asian market. Then the same is the glue equipment, the electronic industry using spray automatic dispensing machine?
At present, the use of jet dispenser is very common. The demand for dispensing machine is increasing in the electronics industry. Therefore, the dispensing machine's production equipment is becoming more and more perfect and diversified. A more diversified spray type dispenser has been developed. With the development of China's industry, a large number of Japanese professional dispensing manufacturers began to enter China to seek development. The jet dispensing machine began to be widely applied and carried out in China.
The jet dispensing machine belongs to the high-precision dispensing equipment. It can finish dispensing without touching the products in the dispensing process, avoiding the occurrence of traditional contact dispensing such as drawing and trailing. As a result of many years of careful design, this glue equipment is at present a spot glue market at least a point glue equipment.