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Is the chip dispenser required for the precision of the auto

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Part of the package production chip is priority among priorities, the package is in order to improve the practicability and the service life of the chip, the traditional manual dispensing chip mode have been abandoned, manual dispensing not only unable to meet the high demand of the chip production work, and manual dispensing with high error easily affect the dispensing quality, most of today's chip package frame use automatic dispensing machine to complete, in the aspects of precision dispensing chip frame has no requirements?
Because the chip structure is small and fine, so higher requirements for dispensing equipment, dispensing machine to package the chip first to ensure exact control the amount of glue, and to complete work on the path of dispensing glue, not because of the excessive amount of normal chip spillover effects that these are the specific needs of automatic dispensing machine precision, of course, the use of three axis automatic dispensing machine frame dispensing chip in this part to meet the specific needs of users.
The scope of the three axis automatic dispensing machine is very wide, but can be used in the chip package can also be used in various product dispensing the adhesive encapsulating work, in order to improve the practicability and value of the product, make the dispensing accuracy and the applicable scope is more extensive by three axis automatic dispensing control, the dispensing valve enables automatic dispensing process with higher precision and accuracy, strengthen the path to strengthen the value of the product quality of precision coating, through the liquid crystal display and convenient operation parameters according to the actual situation to adjust in order to enhance the precision of dispensing.
The working arm flexibility three axis automatic dispensing machine is very high, can be applied to irregular path links and link seam filling coating.