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How to choose a suitable desktop automatic glue dispenser

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The dispensing machine should be selected according to the requirements of industry glue dispenser, ordinary type, also have special dispensing machine, desktop type automatic dispensing machine belongs to the dispensing machine more common, can be used in the industry is still pretty much, according to the effect of dispensing can be drawn using the industry, dispensing equipment can better, application the industry will be more, according to the different effect of dispensing, choose different dispensing industry, dispensing machine so choose the most appropriate.
There are many desktop type automatic dispensing machine can be used in the industry, how to select the appropriate dispensing equipment industry, were selected according to the requirements of the industry such as: FPC board for dispensing, dispensing requirements are very high, the accuracy reached 0.01ml, speed to 600 / min, using silica gel dispensing, to meet these conditions can dispensing in this industry, not only for other industries to meet the dispensing.
Desktop automatic glue dispensing parameters or appropriate FPC plate dispensing, what desktop dispensing machine can meet the requirements of the industry how to choose the appropriate dispensing, dispensing machine, is used to choose this aspect, there is a way to customize non-standard automatic glue machine, glue completely according to industry requirements using this, dispensing technology can completely meet the needs of the industry.
How to choose the method of desktop automatic dispensing machine right, or more, to communicate with the manufacturers will get a lot of methods, a lot of industry is relatively high at present, dispensing equipment, dispensing equipment is the best injection type automatic dispensing machine, dispensing such high-end are able to manufacture out each dispensing the machine will have the use of industry.