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Application of spray type glue machine to strengthen the coa

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he dispensing effect of jet dispensing machine is the best in the market. It can make the quality of the product better, and choose the dispensing equipment is not for this effect. The suitable dispensing machine has such effect, can make the dispensing effect play out, the jet dispenser can be used in the high-precision industry, and enhance the product's coating effect, which is the effect brought by the suitable equipment.
To meet the coating effect, many products such as: badge coating, just sort of badge on the line, then jet type automatic dispensing machine can directly dispensing, because of the large jet dispensing machine was installed in the vision positioning system, able to detect the dispensing position, so it can accurately dispensing, basically not does not appear the problem, can automatically control the dispensing problem, with the previous experimental machine dispensing technology is very different.
The development of automatic spray glue dispensing technology, illustrates the domestic advances in science and technology, production technology is more and more developed, the effect of dispensing can not stop, or like the semi automatic dispensing effect, automatic dispensing machine development potential is still quite large, many businesses are not to realize the automation of production mode, but the road is a comprehensive automation construction, basically do not need manual operation.
Jet dispensing valve and visual positioning system is the core parts of large jet type automatic dispensing machine, capable of using this technology is the invention two kind of technology, there are still many parts as auxiliary use, such as servo motor, laser thermometer, safety door interlock control system and so on, these are jet to use automatic dispensing machine accessories, dispensing technology is because these parts have such a coating dispensing technology, the effect will be so good.