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Four big valve problems of automatic dispensing machine

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Automatic dispensing machine all need to use the valve control valve, no glue can not be in accordance with the requirements of the valve in the dispensing, dispensing machine is very important parts can't have any problem, not only delay the production cycle, but also caused a lot of rework, so as to do so The loss outweighs the gain., valve door.
Automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine now can use many different types of valves, because the valve will have a different effect, so the valve problems there is not the same, from a valve start to understand and solve, the valve is divided into: dispensing valve, suction valve, injection valve and ordinary dispensing valve. Four kinds of valve is the most commonly used.
Dispensing valve problems, lack of concentration is the glue mixing bubble into the valve, which is a common problem with it, because the dispensing valve is the use of the pneumatic piston extrusion for dispensing, so prone to bubbles, caused by uneven glue, glue mixing is not good, there will be leakage glue.
Return suction valve
The suction valve is designed to suck back glue, after stopping the dispensing machine you need to immediately suck back glue, so as to avoid the problem of drawing, the glue is too large, but the use of automatic dispensing needle is too small, suck back glue will be a back formation pressure in the valve, the suction effect is not up to% 100, there will be leakage problems.
The injection valve is the most advanced automatic dispensing valve, this valve can also be called high-speed valve, because it can be one thousand dot in a second, belongs to the fastest of the valve, the valve problem is still the bubble problem, so the bubble for dispensing machine is one of the most common problems.
The common dispenser of most problems, because this is the first dispensing valve is developed, so the technology does not meet the requirements, the use of ordinary valve need to pay attention to many problems, such as: bubble, leak and leakage glue, drawing etc..
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