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Does the automatic spot camera module need a visual system?

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Camera module is a multi combination of parts, each layer is needed dispensing, put these parts tightly bonded together, which can prevent falling off, or to improve the practicality, need to have high precision dispensing function application automatic dispensing machine in the camera module for dispensing, the vision system can improve the precision of dispensing, do not use cannot for dispensing, the accuracy is not satisfied.
Camera module automatic dispensing machine is for desktop visual automatic dispensing machine, with visual system dispensing equipment dispensing accuracy are basically high several times without vision, because the dispenser with visual equipment can automatically locate products, and no visual system can only use the naked eye positioning products, both in the rubber point of the product little difference in the precision industry is relatively large, dispensing quality is quite distinct from each other.
Automatic dispensing machine using the camera module to dispensing with visual system, currently the highest accuracy is completed, a large automatic dispensing machine with visual system, and the application in camera dispensing, large automatic dispensing machine reduced version, desktop visual dispenser, so the camera module is for desktop dispensing machine vision automatic dispensing the application of this machine, glue machine has a rich experience in camera module industry, basic can meet the requirements of dispensing.
Camera module automatic dispensing machine vision system uses precision can achieve 0.001 precision control glue equipment used is also strict requirements, combined with a variety of high-end accessories, let the camera module automatic dispensing machine performance is the ascension of the whole, the quantity of cement will affect the accuracy of gum to, must control.