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What is the quality of the point camera module for the deskt

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The main application module of desktop module dispensing dispensing machine, including a camera module, to understand how the quality of dispensing equipment, from the use of accessories to understand the actual operation, the main factors affecting dispensing accessories, desktop module dispensing machine used to determine what parts of dispensing in what industry, at the same time how to decide the quality of dispensing.
Camera module have desktop module dispensing performance impact, which is why the use of advanced desktop accessories, the need to install the module dispensing machine vision positioning device and precision dispensing valve, visual positioning can make automatic dispensing machine accurately find the glue point position control ability of glue dispensing valve can control the glue in the range of desktop visual automatic dispensing machine module dispensing quality can achieve the desired effect.
The quality of product sales of enterprises, the use of desktop module glue dispensing, the quality of the product can meet the requirements for use, because the automatic dispensing machine is according to the requirements of the same configuration of dispensing, accessories, so there are many desktop module dispensing machine accessories, such as: dispensing needles, pressure controller, motor, mechanical drive arm, control system and so on, are prepared in order to improve the accuracy of dispensing equipment.
The quality of desktop module glue dispensing camera module is very good, the use of high-end products will need to use as a desktop type module dispensing machine like device, camera module dispensing is not able to use automatic dispensing machine is simple, otherwise the product quality meet customer needs with certain requirements, the use of desktop dispensing machine a large number of advanced equipment to meet the requirements of precision control of dispensing, the minimum can be reached 0.001mm, fully meet the needs of dispensing camera.