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Is the camera module automatic glue dispenser the best choic

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Select the dispenser is a prerequisite, only to meet the needs of the industry to be able to arrange the choice, for example: the camera module can use large automatic dispensing, dispensing machine, desktop visual automatic dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine, camera module of automatic dispensing dispensing equipment and so on, many only three automatic dispensing machine can to meet the demand of camera glue dispensing, can according to paragraph three the price is the best choice of dispensing equipment.
The configuration of large automatic dispensing machine many high-end accessories, there is a whole dispensing system, can bring large automatic dispensing machine accessories effects play out, such as: screw glue dispensing valve control effect, can only control the dispensing valve only need glue, and then glue point detection. Large automatic glue dispenser used most of the accessories, the price is the most expensive.
Jet dispensing machine is a new type of dispensing equipment, continuous high speed dispensing, also has the very big difference with the traditional dispensing mode, use the most control glue injection valve accessories, and jet dispensing machine without the Z axis, only two, but still can not doubt the dispensing performance of it, with a large automatic dispensing machine the dispensing accuracy and dispensing quality can be compared, the price is more expensive.
A smaller version of the desktop visual automatic dispensing machine belongs to large automatic dispensing machine, while reduce the number of automatic dispensing machine used in large parts, but the application of the precision is not reduced, but some of the less important parts to clean up, the important parts are left, dispensing technology also retained, the price will be relatively low.
Besides price, it is also convenient to use. Desktop vision automatic dispensing machine is called camera module automatic dispensing machine. According to this, we can know what type of dispenser is used for camera module dispensing.