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What are the devices that can be glued to the camera module

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The dispensing process camera module dispensing need high requirements for the use of the machine is dispensing more stringent, not all are able to use automatic dispensing machine, dispensing equipment only after strict requirements before it can be used in the camera module dispensing machine, the market can use the module dispensing equipment, only a few, such as: camera module automatic dispensing machine, desktop visual dispenser, large automatic dispensing and jetting machine.
This dispenser can be several high precision dispensing work, can meet the requirements of the four camera module dispensing, dispensing only the camera automatic dispensing machine is a special type of dispensing equipment, other dispensing machine can be applied to various industries with high performance dispensing, this is good, of course, is its own camera automatic dispensing machine the advantage of.
If the enterprise only processes the camera module dispensing, you can use the camera module automatic dispensing machine, because the professional is relatively strong, the price is compared with the other three dispensers, which is cheaper, so the use of camera module dispensing machine has the corresponding advantages.
In addition to the four dispensers, there is no dispensing equipment that can be used in the industry. The requirement for dispensing machine is too high, otherwise the dispensing effect will be dissatisfied, and the use of automatic dispensing machine is good for the camera module dispensing.
Special type dispenser with mass dispensing machine has many differences, for example: camera module automatic dispensing machine only to meet the industry dispensing, dispensing machine can be applied to many other industries, professional dispensing effect will be better, the mass is only one standard, not tested.