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Can the multi axis automatic glue dispenser be applied to th

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The voltage device can also be called a transformer, which uses electromagnetic induction to change the voltage device. When the voltage is assembled, the glue is used to glue the column of the transformer to the voltage device. And the multi axis automatic glue machine has many working units. It can spot the glue on the product, and the effect is high. The multi axis automatic dispensing machine dispensing machine has wide application scope. It can be used in electronic parts, headphones, communication devices, inductors, loudspeakers, optical fiber and other products. Can the multipoint automatic dispensing machine be used in the dispensing process of voltage?
The general multi axis automatic glue dispenser is operated by a single chip microcomputer. It can realize point, paint, arc, circle, irregular curve and so on. It can meet the requirements of different products. The multi axis automatic glue dispenser can automatically spot glue work, can reduce the productivity of part of the labor, suitable for mass production, and can improve the production quality of the product.
For the point pressure of mass production, multi axis automatic dispensing machine can be used for dispensing. However, when dispensing, it is necessary to select suitable size and dispensing valve and needle according to the glue and voltmeter dispensing requirements. Commonly used AB and epoxy resin in transformer, the two kinds of glue are essentially different, so in the use of these two kinds of glue dispensing work best to choose the right needle according to the requirements of convenient dispensing work.
From above, we can see that the use of multi axis automatic dispensing machine in the voltage regulator can not only reduce labor productivity but also improve the dispensing efficiency. It is necessary to pay attention to the use method of the glue dispenser in the multi axis automatic glue dispenser of the voltage device, so as to avoid the error of the use of the voltage device to influence the quality of the glue.