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Problems needing attention in the process of automatic dispe

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Landing automatic dispensing machine is the most advanced dispensing equipment now, now rubber industry basic are using automatic dispensing machine for the main system, so the market is still very popular, it also has a certain relationship with technology, machinery and equipment to survive in the market have some technology, so that it can develop the space.
Floor type automatic dispensing machine
What is the mechanical equipment has a certain technology, but it also has some problems need to pay attention to, these problems are to be solved, or landing automatic dispensing machine some abnormal conditions in the dispensing process will be unable to complete the task, so we need some way of dispensing, to solve these problems.
The most general problem is drawing, leakage glue, dispensing uneven and damaged parts, regardless of floor type dispenser, or automatic dispensing machine will appear these problems, but these problems are relatively easy to solve, only to master some methods to solve these problems, although these problems are relatively simple and easy to solve, but also need to pay attention to the operation method.
Floor type visual automatic dispensing machine
The drawing is generally pressure and glue concentration caused by dilute liquid glue blending, is high, so we need from the new configuration and glue, pressure should be controlled in about 6~10pa, floor type automatic dispensing machine is pneumatic needle with rubber leakage caused by improper pressure, a direct replacement a large needle you can.
Dispensing are landing automatic dispensing machine in the replacement hose or plastic tank, into the air, the air bubbles in the glue inside, if the glue point contains bubbles, there will be no need for glue, rubber hose and plastic tank (stirring out air) to pump out the air, we can solve these problems.
Floor type automatic dispensing machine