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Is the multi axis automatic point dispenser the point voltag

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The voltage regulator is very common, because the voltage for many uses, such as variable voltage, variable current voltage, the most simple example, mobile phone charger, charger has two voltage, one of which is used for variable V, another is used to change the current voltage, however, also need to the use of multi axis automatic dispensing package, glue dispensing dispensing and can.
When the multi axis automatic dispenser is used to point the voltage regulator, it is necessary to glue the same coil to the coil. First, the insulation paper should be dispensed, the insulation paper will be covered with the electromagnetic resistance, then the same coil will be placed in the electromagnetic resistance, and finally the glue will be sealed.
The first X, the use of multi axis automatic dispensing machine Y, Z axis three, are controlled by a controller and some other operations, do not want to artificial, every movement is different, it will adjust the dispensing controller, for the normal operation of the transformer dispensing, dispensing after multi axis automatic dispensing machine will automatically reset after the reduction, without other operations, the voltage on the dispensing station, the machine can automatically identify, dispensing mode.
In the production of voltage at the same time, will be an endless cycle of dispensing, a human can't do that, in order to improve the efficiency, can be used in complex dynamic back suction dispensing valve, suction dispensing valve characteristic can be very good to prevent glue drawing, for example, the use of ordinary dispensing valve to coil dispensing glue. Along the coil flows everywhere, or engage in drawing, everywhere glue, will not occur this problem using complex dynamic back suction dispensing valve for dispensing after the dispensing valve will gently suction, can provide very good results, so the dispensing, will make the production efficiency.