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Production efficiency of voltage multi axis automatic glue d

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At present, the technology has developed rapidly, the development of science and technology makes a lot of industry vigorously development, such as the electronics industry and the automotive industry, electronic industry demand for multi axis glue dispensing machine is indispensable to the mobile phone is in ordinary things, but who knows how much the process of making a hand machine, the most simple for example, the voltage logic processor has a total of more than 200 gold fingers, a small, soldering of the dispensing package, in order to make the dispensing convenience, production of Voltage Multi Axis dispensing machine.
Many of the three axis dispensing machine currently on the market, some of the work efficiency is low, some large errors, but multi axis dispensing machine was replaced the dispenser, dispensing the use of multi axis voltage control of the C language, built-in 16G memory, the memory of up to tens of thousands of dispensing, dispensing equipment to have gum the memory function, even to other devices in the dispensing, back to the original equipment, voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine can automatically identify the device for dispensing dispensing operation with the original method, such as the dispensing process suffered power outages, and dispensing machine can cache the pointer to direction, power is restored, can be in accordance with the original pointer, continue dispensing operation.
When the voltage is multi axis automatic dispensing machine for mobile phone processor logic package, adjust the dispensing rules for dispensing the low error rate of the operation, dispensing speed, not because of some mistakes, resulting in logic processor life, voltage of the electromagnetic oven can be used for multi axis voltage automatic dispenser for dispensing the fast package, to ensure the voltage to the magnet will not affect other hardware, one hundred sets of voltage can be almost three minutes to ensure each dispensing is completed, the voltage can be high quality dispensing processing, making dispensing machines at the same time, have already made a lot of calculation, to ensure the quality and efficiency of dispensing,  www.668866.com