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The multi axis glue dispenser can be avoided by using the co

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The development of dispensing technology today depends entirely on the industry today, such as the power tool industry, the electronic technology industry, the furniture industry, etc., for the glue dispensing of these industries, the multi axle dispensing machine and the more convenient dispensing valve are made.
In the process of dispensing machine, it is possible to improve the efficiency and efficiency of the compound action suction valve, for example, the accessories used for the multi axis automatic dispensing machine is the re motion suction valve.
When the voltage to the voltage double acting dispenser dispensing, will not need to pay attention to the glue stick to the coil voltage, if the voltage of the glue will stick to a resistance value decrease, resulting in insufficient power supply of electronic devices, ordinary rubber valve will cause the glue easily drop in the coil voltage is, however, complex moving back suction is dispensing valve will not cause such a big problem, glue dispensing, the glue dripping on the coil will immediately draw back, to ensure the effect of dispensing.
When some of the electric tool dispensing may also be used in the multi axis dispensing machine with double acting back suction dispensing valve, such as the angle grinder, the handle and the connecting part of the body, if the glue in low, will cause the rotor is damaged when the high-speed rotation of the glue, when dispensing, double acting back suction dispensing valve will ensure the glue will not flow to the body inside, to ensure the safety of the machine.
There is a chainsaw, when the manual switch to adhesion, with multi axis machine with double acting suction dispensing dispensing valve, thus greatly solves the glue dripping on the switch problem. Because the switch is not one of the saws, electric switch control, in the internal chainsaw so if the glue drops in the control switch the switch will make complete failure.