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The effect and benefit of the glue dispensing machine with v

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Now there are many kinds of industries, to support the dispensing technology is not in the minority, such as the infrared light source detector, this equipment requires dispensing, because cannot be installed directly in the installation panel or Ted detection, because the device chip lead to overheating, the control panel was burned, so the control panel is glued to the equipment housing. In order to make a better infrared light source dispensing effect, so the production of infrared light source injection automatic dispensing machine.
Visual automatic glue dispenser
The use of visual injection automatic dispensing machine is very effective in the dispensing process, he has a lot of advantages in the production process, the processing of every component are accurately calculated, and patience in grinding, after installing, using the C language of the dispensing machine in the micro computer control system the brush into the micro computer, after debugging control the dispensing of micro computer, each action will be carefully matched, let the dispenser in the dispensing process can be done in 0 mistakes.
Jet type visual glue dispenser
Infrared light source injection micro computer automatic dispensing machine is the use of C language, users can automatically set the steps of dispensing in computer module, micro computer control for dispensing machine, ensure 0 errors exist, micro computer records a variety of dispensing scheme, when the user will need dispensing equipment to put on the bench micro computer, will automatically recognize the device for dispensing, dispensing, dispensing and so on time will be very fast, reduce the labor cost, and obtain high quality effect.