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The system tells you how to use dispensers normally.

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The use of dispensing valve is based on the requirements of the product, otherwise it will affect the quality of packaging, for example: the use of bulb dispensing machine to meet the lamp post packaging quality requirements, is directly related to the use of dispensing valve, of course, the use of dispensing valve also needs a process, from selection to use, step by step, so as to meet the requirements. The quality of lamppost packaging reduces the ease of packaging problems.
Silicone dispensing valve
硅胶点胶阀 One way to use dispensing valves
The use of dispensing valves first need to know how to choose dispensing valves, with lamp post packaging example, teach you how to use dispensing valves for dispensing production, to ensure the quality of its packaging, first of all, to understand what type of glue used in lamp post packaging, how thick is low, lamp post packaging diameter and the amount of glue requirements, these are all necessary. Understanding, general lamp post packaging used silica gel, which choice of dispensing valve needs to meet the requirements of silica gel, a medium-sized production called silica gel dispensing valve is a special dispensing silica gel, the next is to control the amount of glue, lamp post packaging diameter is about 0.3 mm, which is to select a relatively fine dispensing needle, so the accuracy is also To meet, packaging quality is naturally satisfied.
Large flow dispensing valve
Determining the quality of packaging
In fact, the use of bulb dispensing machine lamps and lanterns is not a more difficult thing, but according to the operation instructions, so that you can slowly familiarize with the operation mode, the use of dispensing valve is the same, understand the structure of the product and usable glue, so as to improve the quality of product packaging, but also to ensure that the dispensing valve enabled Use life, packaging quality is also determined by the details of the operation, in the lamp packaging may not feel too much, dispensing in the mobile phone industry will be particularly obvious, the use of dispensing valve will lead to incorrect product scrap, so before the operation, need to understand the operation method.
Large flow silica gel dispensing valve
Use dispensing valve method two