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Are there any effective ways to improve the dispensing effec

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Dispensing effect is directly related to the performance of dispensing equipment, dispensing in the mobile phone industry, the demand for higher dispensing technology, general performance dispensing equipment is unable to complete its mobile phone screen dispensing task needs, need to use a dedicated mobile phone screen dispensing machine can improve the dispensing effect.
Cell phone dispensing
Selection of dispensing technology type
Mobile dispensing technology is very complex, especially in small details, such as mobile phone motherboard fixed, mobile phone TP dispensing, mobile phone border dispensing and mobile phone touch screen dispensing, basic need high-competitive dispensing technology, and some places also need spray technology to achieve mobile phone dispensing, and each position used to Glue will also change, mobile phone chips need to use the bottom filler glue, mobile phone border needs to use conductive glue, and mobile phone parts need to use thermal glue, different glue using the dispensing valve is also different, to meet the dispensing effect needs to be full of production needs.
Mobile phone touch screen dispenser
Different dispensing techniques will bring different results.
The use of different mobile dispensing technology solutions, which is conducive to mobile dispensing, such as touch screen dispensing, the use of dedicated mobile phone screen dispensing machine, in dispensing effect than other devices will certainly be half ahead, mobile phone performance will be improved, the quality of each product is a little technology accumulation, otherwise Sino-made production of mobile phone screen dispensing machine also has no effect, to ensure the effect of mobile phone touch screen dispensing, it is necessary to start with mobile phone dispensing equipment.
Hot melt glue dispenser
Different positions are used and the results are different.
The way to improve the dispensing effect of mobile phone is to use the most suitable equipment, which is to dispensing the chip of mobile phone, filling the bottom dispensing machine, dispensing the border of mobile phone, using the dispensing machine, dispensing on the touch screen of mobile phone, dispensing on the screen of mobile phone. This is the best and most effective method. Of course, the choice of dispensing equipment manufacturers is also very important, the Chinese is in the dispensing of mobile phone has a greater advantage, choose the Chinese mobile dispensing machine, dispensing effect will certainly make you satisfied.