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What are the advantages of using hot melt adhesive in mobile

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Mobile phone bonding has become a hot spot in dispensing industry, many places need to use hot melt adhesive technology, such as mobile phone TP bonding, is no longer manual dispensing, all by the machine dispensing, such as the use of mobile phone screen dispensing machine as the main dispensing equipment, can complete high-precision dispensing requirements.
Dispensing of mobile phone rear cover
Preparatory work for mobile phone dispensing
What are the advantages of mobile phone screen dispenser for mobile phone TP? The first thing to understand is the glue, in the mobile phone industry bonding general use of hot melt glue for bonding, using this glue will have any greater benefits? In fact, the advantage lies in the nature of glue, mobile phone screen dispenser in addition to the ability to dispense, other have a direct relationship with glue, Xiaobian tell you why choose hot-melt adhesive bonding mobile phone.
Hot-melt adhesive rod
热熔胶棒 Properties of hot melt adhesive
Hot melt adhesive has fast solidification effect, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, anti-bubble, no wool, no curling and so on. In dispensing industry belongs to the use of more glue, with a high-precision dispensing technology of mobile phone screen dispensing machine, in the mobile phone TP bonding, can not be more appropriate, hot melt adhesive effect is completed can be achieved.
热熔胶点胶机 Hot melt adhesive can make the mobile phone waterproof.
Hot melt adhesive bonded mobile phones, but also let the mobile phone with waterproof, hot melt adhesive bonding effect is very good, after sealing, is able to let the mobile phone play a waterproof role, of course, this also needs to use some technology, to be able to achieve the real way, the current production of waterproof technology manufacturers will not, Apple only It is among the leading companies in technology, but after the general manufacturers use hot melt adhesive, although not as good as Apple mobile phone performance, but still can have a certain degree of waterproof.
Hot melt glue dispenser
Combined with the high-precision dispensing technology of mobile phone screen dispensing machine, the good performance of hot-melt adhesive can be matched, and no dispensing problem can be guaranteed in mobile phone TP bonding. This is the advantage of advanced equipment, hot-melt adhesive bonding has certain requirements, that is, heating to a certain temperature before dispensing, so that it can be realized. The real cell phone TP fits.