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What preparatory work is needed before dispensing mobile pho

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  PVC glue is used in the dispensing process of mobile phone dispensing, and the adhesive effect is strong. It is widely used in the dispensing process of PVC trademark. When dispensing PVC glue in these dispensing industries, PVC visual dispensing machine can be used to complete the production work, and this dispensing machine can be used to complete dispensing. The effect of the process is better, but it is necessary to do a good job of preparation before dispensing with PVC visual dispensing machine to ensure the quality of PVC production.

  High precision dispensing technology for mobile phone wiring and dispensing

  Today's mobile phone is light, thin, beautiful and so on, so the line arrangement is relatively small in the mobile phone, and the function of line arrangement is to link the mobile phone circuit board with the screen, if there is a shift in the line dispensing process, leak point and other glue problems, will seriously affect the use of mobile phones, so in the hand The high precision dispensing process is needed when the PVC glue is placed on the machine line, while the PVC vision dispenser can meet the requirement. PVC visual dispensing machine is equipped with dispensing visual dispensing positioning system, whether it is dispensing mobile phone or PVC trademark dispensing can be very good to complete dispensing production.

  What are the preparations for mobile phone wiring before dispensing?

  Before dispensing, we should pay attention to the quality of PVC glue. If the quality of PVC glue used is not good, it is better to replace it in time to avoid the glue quality affecting the normal use of mobile phones. PVC visual dispensing machine is equipped with visual positioning system, so before using, it is necessary to check whether the visual positioning of dispensing machine can be used normally. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to checking whether the dispensing machine is in trouble during using, so as to ensure the dispensing quality of mobile phone wiring and PVC trademark.
  Whether it is mobile phone dispensing or PVC trademark dispensing, do a good job of preparation before use can ensure that PVC visual dispensing machine normal completion of dispensing production, ensure product dispensing quality.