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What advantages do the glue dispensers have?

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The type of floor dispensing machine is generally larger, then the dispensing accessories are more complete, the hot pot socket dispensing advantage is also very much. In the hot pot socket dispensing link, the use of high-strength adhesive bonding, then in this production process will need to use a landing UV dispensing machine.
Hot water kettle socket dispensing selection floor UV dispensing machine advantage
<img alt="落地式点胶机涂胶优势" src="/uploads/allimg/180907/2-1PZH12052Z4.jpg" style="width: 700px; height: 525px;" />
Underground UV dispensing machine mainly dispensing UV glue production work, but this is also suitable for high-strength adhesive. Hot pot socket is one of the common furniture fittings. Hot pot mainly relies on socket for heating. High-strength glue is used in the dispensing process of hot pot socket to complete the bonding and fixing work. The landing UV dispensing machine is suitable for high-strength glue bonding, and the landing dispensing machine is equipped with a number of dispensing valves. When dispensing production can be carried out at the same time on a number of hot pot socket dispensing production work, so in the hot pot socket dispensing links using this floor dispensing machine has more advantages.
<img alt="落地式UV点胶机" src="/uploads/allimg/180907/2-1PZH12033264.jpg" style="width: 700px; height: 525px;" />
Introduction of floor type UV dispensing machine
This type of floor dispensing machine is very large, it needs to be well positioned when placed, otherwise it will have an impact on the subsequent dispensing and bonding work. The UV dispensing machine is equipped with dispensing parts is one of the greatest advantages of this equipment. In the application of hot water kettle socket dispensing link, it can use high-strength adhesive bonding, and And the effect of dispensing bonding is very good, in the daily use process, not because of heating and other problems affect the cured high-strength glue, the glue coating effect is better.
<img alt="落地式点胶机" src="/uploads/allimg/180907/2-1PZH12016363.jpg" style="width: 700px; height: 525px;" />
Floor dispenser
It is evident that the UV dispensing machine is used in dispensing links of hot water kettle rubbing seat to achieve high strength adhesive bonding effect, but the operation mode of the UV dispensing machine should be paid attention to before using, so as to improve the dispensing advantage of the dispensing machine.