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Common defects and solutions of automatic dispensing

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The industrial production line often needs to be applied to dispensing, dispensing process can make the value and effect of the finished up a notch, so industrial glue links often appear, perform automatic dispensing work need to use special automatic dispensing machine, of course, automatic dispensing process will be hard to avoid some defects, can help manufacturers dispensing work to better implement through related solutions.
Automatic dispensing machine
The drawing is a common automatic dispensing problems, specifically in the dispensing needle pull back due to high viscosity when there are still some stick in the dispensing needle, drawing phenomenon caused by the pull back, dispensing drawing will affect the viscosity of the glue will make the finished object appearance is affected, can reduce the viscosity of the glue through the heating device. It can also strengthen the pull back force moment automatic dispensing machine breaking glue, avoid drawing problem, of course, adjust the pull back force should be considering the practical factors, if excessive tension damage may be related to the dispensing device.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
The long-term implementation of dispensing may cause the dispensing alignment, mainly because the dispensing needle tip part of long-term wear, replacement of new needles can solve this problem, the stainless steel needles for the best efficient and durable.
Change should start after the needle needle calibration, most needle replacement is difficult to achieve the goal of dispensing effect, so you have to have a needle proofreading, some automatic dispensing machine with automatic calibration function, simply press the function button, if does not have the automatic proofreading function only to check, to the dispensing position re homing to needle calibration effect of artificial proofreading easy to affect the overall consistency of dispensing work.
Hot melt adhesive three axis dispenser