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Which glue coating equipment can be used for data line gluin

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  The gluing of the data line can simplify the later production work. If the appearance of the data line flakes off during the use, it can also be glued by the gluing of the data line. However, it should be noted that the inner part of the data line is not damaged, and the gluing of the data line must be done in the process of gluing. The conductive glue should be chosen to avoid leakage in the course of operation. In the process of data line gluing, which glue equipment can be used?

  Data line gluing using Longmen spray dispenser

  In the process of glue dispensing on data line, the work efficiency of spraying glue on many data line products can be achieved by gantry spraying dispensing machine, which is tens of times as high as manual production. Gantry spraying dispensing machine is a high precision large-scale dispensing machine. The number of high-speed dispensing valves assembled is large, and the glue dispensing production on data line can be accomplished by gantry spraying dispensing machine. In the process of dispensing, the high-speed dispensing valve in dispensing machine can spray glue at the same time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of glue coating. High-speed dispensing machine can also perform non-contact glue spraying work, the application of the main board glue spraying link can improve the quality of glue spraying production.

  Assembly of high speed dispensing valve advantage

  High-speed dispensing valve is a high-precision dispensing accessories, assembled in gantry spray dispensing machine can not only glue the data line, but also do non-contact spraying on the electronic motherboard. And the gantry spray dispensing machine can be equipped with a number of high-speed dispensing valves, in the data line glue, motherboard glue spraying production links can be used to improve product production.
  The gantry spray dispensing machine which can be configured with many high-speed dispensing valves can be used in the data line gluing and the main board gluing links to effectively improve production efficiency.