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Does CPU use multi axis dispenser to heat silicone?

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  CPU heat dissipation silica gel belongs to the special use of CPU coated glue, silica gel not only has the effect of adhesion, but also can heat dissipation, the use of the basic computer know that a longer time, will be heating, and the heat is very large, if you do not need CPU heat dissipation silica gel coating, the basic will burn out the motherboard, so disperse Dispensing of heat exchanger rotor has no meaning.
  Fever burns products.
  IC heat dissipation is a very important thing, you can use a variety of precision dispensing machine for radiator rotor dispensing, so that it can enhance the effect of heat dissipation, because of the performance of silica gel, can transfer the internal heat, thus playing a heat dissipation effect, other types of glue will appear in the case of heat rise, if continue to send Hot, explosions are different, so using CPU to heat silica gel is a very important thing.
  Dispensing of radiator rotor
  Glue for radiator rotor dispensing is very important for integrated circuit heat dissipation is very important, so the use of CPU heat dissipation silica gel is very important, integrated circuit heat dissipation requirements are not general technology can be done, whether the product meets the production needs, mainly depends on the multi-axis precision dispensing machine and glue reasonable use, choose to meet production needs The product can reduce the problem, of course, the quality will be more assured, so the multi-axis dispensing machine requirements.
  The core technology of multi axis dispenser
  CPU heat dissipation silica gel needs to be used according to requirements, can not choose a casual equipment for production, multi-axis dispensing machine to achieve silica gel dispensing, but also because silica gel dispensing valve can meet the production needs, glue coating effect can meet the production needs, to achieve product dispensing tasks, but also to allow integrated circuit heat dissipation, and And the radiator rotor dispensing effect can also be achieved, kill two birds with one stone, multi-axis precision dispensing machine can also achieve multiple product dispensing, one-time can produce three or four products, with the manufacturer put a number of dispensing valves.