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How much knowledge do you know about dispensing technology?

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Dispensing process knowledge is very extensive, to learn the dispensing process knowledge, do not know how long it takes, dispensing machine development has been over a hundred years, involving the technical field is quite deep, to fully understand, it takes a very long time to be able to learn, today take baggage tag dispensing as an example, explain Really spray glue dispenser dispensing technology knowledge.
The industry involved in dispensing technology
Luggage tag belongs to the category of badge products, need to use paint for dispensing, with ordinary mobile phone wiring dispensing has a greater difference, for the requirements will also be different, dispensing technology involves a wide range of areas, such as: mobile phones, electronics, robots, toys, shoes, LED lights, etc., each industry needs dispensing technology It will be different. What is the requirement of dispensing for luggage tag?
点胶阀 Equipment that can meet the paint process.
This industry needs to use automatic spray dispensing machine for dispensing, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of paint dispensing, paint belongs to liquid, easy to leak, and the use of dispensing machine for suction, but also more difficult, the use of automatic spray dispensing machine to achieve dispensing, in fact, mainly in the jet valve, this is fully sealed Rubber valve, will not appear dripping situation, paint is basically using this accessories, and mobile phone dispensing line using ordinary dispensing valve, can also be completed, dispensing process with dispensing accessories have a greater relationship.
Knowledge of dispensing industry
自动喷射式点胶机 Dispensing technology to understand the performance of dispensing and production speed can be, other aspects are directly related to manufacturers, do not do automatic spray dispensing machine industry, then do not need to understand too deeply, only to understand the baggage tag dispensing equipment, mobile phone dispensing line using what machine, tag dispensing agent Is the machine cheap? The technology is settled by our Chinese manufacturers.