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The application of automatic three axis dispensing machine c

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At present in the industry in three axis automatic dispensing dispensing machine status can not be ignored, this dispensing dispensing equipment can help consumers to perform a variety of different needs, whether it is at the bottom of the slit filled dispensing work or irregular plane path dispensing work can be performed, can help consumers faster to cost and quick profit, using three axis automatic dispensing the machine can solve the problem of labor shortage.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
In the early stage of reform and opening up, China has huge characteristics because of the cheap labor in the world has aroused widespread concern, a lot of cheap labor is not available in western countries the competitive advantage, so the industrial production line is often used in traditional manual dispensing of cheap labor production line, with the standard of living and consumption level began to increase, Chinese labor cost has become the western developed country and labor cost is not much difference between manufacturers prefer automatic production, low cost mode, which affects the current market.
Two position automatic three axle dispensing machine
Three axis automatic dispensing machine is used in three axis dispensing mode, according to user needs of different dispensing dispensing work very much, applied to the chip package and butt bonding effect is very good, does not appear to fall off the welding defects, at the same time this point glue equipment can perform long-term dispensing work, not only long working life and the effect of dispensing and dispensing quality are guaranteed.
Application of three axis automatic dispensing machine will change the long-term expensive traditional dispensing mode, on the operator's demand is very low, as long as the responsible for dispensing links and parameters on the product quality inspection, the dispensing efficiency is about five or six times of manual dispensing.
The problem of automatic three axis dispenser