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Which glue has good properties between silicone and ordinary

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Organosilicon gel is more in line with the use of the dispensing industry, after dispensing with the same elasticity, more in line with product sealing requirements, but also with heat resistance, and ordinary silica gel has the same performance, but no high-quality performance of organic silica gel, so the use of organic silica gel dispensing will be better than ordinary silica gel.
The role of silica gel
Silicone rubber has a lot of functions, such as filling, dispensing, packaging, automotive industry, automotive flasher filling, are sealed with silicone gel, automotive flasher and headlights linked together, lights continue to glow, will lead to heat, other types of glue will be more hot melt, so The use of glue is very particular, if it can not meet the production needs, it can not achieve the desired effect.
Which machine is more in line with silica gel?
There are also some requirements for the use of the machine, two-component filling machine and visual dispensing machine are not the most appropriate use of silicone gel machine, can not play the role of silicone rubber to the extreme, need to use silicone dispensing machine, so as to truly achieve silicone gel packaging, in automotive flasher filling can also play a role. The main effect is that the quality of the glue is up to the expected result.
The quality of silica determines the quality of products.
Although the price of silicone gel is higher than that of ordinary silicone gel, the function of silicone rubber is better. The effect of injecting silicone into automobile flasher is far beyond the general performance. Like using silicone gel dispensing machine, the effect of using two-component glue dispensing machine and visual dispensing machine is not expected. This is sex It can determine the effect of product production.