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What problems should we pay attention to when we do glue dis

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The technology and glue used in dispensing baggage tag is special, and then the performance requirements of dispensing machine are some high, the general machine can not meet the baggage tag dispensing, can only meet the glue on the premise of the tag dispensing technology, of course, the machine can not be too bad, the development of a PVC vision. Dispensing machine is more suitable for the demand of dispensing technology.
Reasons for choosing visual dispensing machine
行李掉牌点胶 Selection of dispensing machine for product production has great help, but also to be able to quickly complete the dispensing task, the number of production directly affects the interests of manufacturers, why choose PVC visual dispensing machine? In addition to meeting the demand for dispensing, in terms of production speed also has an understanding of the dispensing effect, can quickly complete the limited production needs, how to choose a high-quality dispensing equipment, in addition to according to product dispensing requirements, but also according to the glue requirements.
视觉点胶机 The dispensing process is determined by the machine, such as baggage tag dispensing, using a visual dispensing machine for dispensing, which production efficiency will be improved, and baggage tag market price is low, is entirely by the amount of large, can make more money, otherwise dispensing process will not keep up with the process, manufacturers will also because of low production efficiency and low production efficiency It leads to no profit.
Advantage of machine production
PVC visual dispensing machine can meet the needs of baggage tag dispensing paint, dispensing process is good, and dispensing speed is faster, daily production can reach at least 10,000 or so, daily production is very large, the number can meet the needs of manufacturers, a machine can top at least 7,8 employees, so the benefits There must be some improvement. A visual dispensing machine takes only one second to dispense a product. It's time-tested.
Machine for dispensing glue
Luggage tag dispensing is only in the glue requirements are relatively high, generally using paint or low concentration glue, the flow is large, the use of general dispensing valve is difficult to complete point-to-point dispensing, so as long as the use of visual dispensing machine spray dispensing valve, can really achieve dispensing process, to meet production needs, also It is PVC visual dispensing machine, and other dispensing machines can not be completed by using jet dispensing valve.