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How to replace CPU silicone grease used in computer industry

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How does silicone grease change? How can we not damage the product? In fact, the best way to replace is to buy high-quality products, do not need to replace, so there is no need to replace silicone grease, coating process or choose high-quality dispensing machine as a production machine, so for the CPU fan coating also has some quality assurance, this CPU silica gel how to change does not need to consider.
How to replace silicone grease?
It is very difficult to change the glue of CPU. There is only one way to clean up the silicone grease on the silicone viscose plastic, which is to use a knife to gently scrape off the silicone grease, so that the silicone grease can be replaced. This is how to change the silicone grease. It is easy to melt the CPU fan by chemical method and select the machine. There will be no such problems in the production of the device, silica gel does not need to be replaced, can be used once the UPC fan "retirement".
硅脂 Coating technology determines product quality
Multi-axis precision dispensing machine is manufactured according to the requirements of CPU fan glue coating, can strengthen the coating process, CPU fan glue using manual production is also OK, but easy to operate product silicone glue bad, do not replace silicone grease, this is also one of the reasons for replacing silicone grease, so to avoid such problems can only make In one way, the machine production method is used to meet the requirements of the coating process, will not need to replace silicone grease, and do not need to think about how to replace silicone grease.
Special requirements for production of multi spindle dispenser
Choosing a coating process that meets the needs of the industry can improve efficiency. Multi-axis precision dispensing machine can apply glue to two or more CPU fans at the same time. Multi-axis equipment has such characteristics. However, the demand for glue dispensing accuracy is not high. Similar to CPU fan glue coating, the coating accuracy is within or above 0.3 mm. Yes, you can basically use a multi-axis dispensing machine for coating, its coating accuracy is still quite high, the use of this equipment coating does not need to consider how to replace silicone grease.