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Can the USB socket of mobile phone be bonded with UV adhesiv

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USB port bonding of mobile phone is no longer the use of manual dispensing, a symbolic USB bonding machine is developed in China, which is desktop automatic dispensing machine. After special modification of dispensing platform, dispensing equipment to meet the requirements of USB port bonding. The glue dispensing in this industry is not complicated, mainly because USB inversion is more troublesome.
Different performance of dispenser models
桌面式点胶机 In dispensing industry, attention should be paid to two points: first, can use the glue that meets the requirements of the industry; second, dispensing accuracy meets the requirements, other basic no requirements, or manufacturers will define some machines according to the product shape, such as AB glue spray dispensing machine, multi-axis dispensing machine, large dispensing machine and so on, only to meet the needs of dispensing industry. You can. There are also some differences between the models used for USB socket bonding, reverse camera bonding and radar sensor glue sealing, which are deliberately developed by Chinese manufacturers.
How to choose dispensing equipment
Because the size of the product will be different, so the dispensing machine will be different, USB socket bonding using the model of three-axis dispensing machine, and flip camera using visual dispensing machine, reverse radar sensor seals using AB glue spray dispensing machine, each model has different characteristics, three-axis dispensing machine can use UV glue bonding, and spray The dispensing machine can use AB glue, the visual dispensing machine can use two kinds of glue, different industries will use different glue and dispensing equipment, mobile phone USB socket bonding also need some dispensing technology to be able to complete, especially for the valve requirements.
Points for attention in dispensing
The overall density of mobile phone is very complex, dispensing accuracy is too low, will affect the dispensing effect of mobile phone, and USB socket bonding using UV glue, need to be equipped with opaque dispensing valve, so that the glue can not be irradiated by ultraviolet light, glue will not be solidified, and UV glue bonding mobile phone, but also can play a waterproof role. It is suitable for bonding products with UV glue.