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Simple solution for fluid bubbles

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The causes of fluid bubbles are related to the operation and the machine. Adjustment should be made according to the causes. The factors of fluid bubbles will be greatly reduced. It is also very important to select dispensing equipment, because not every machine can meet the needs of production, so it is necessary to select a suitable automatic dispensing machine according to the requirements. It is also a very important step.
Rubber valve selection will affect the dispensing effect.
Manipulator dispensing machine is mainly used in electronic coil dispensing. When it is used in mobile phone industry, it will appear that dispensing performance is insufficient. It is particularly prone to fluid bubbles or dispensing unevenness, which will affect the overall dispensing effect anyway. Our system is aimed at producing automatic dispensing machines for industries, such as using valve axes. There are two types, one is sectional, the other is sectional. The first one is good for dispensing, while the second one is for dispensing in industries with high precision. The same is true for other types of accessories. The most obvious is to use manual and full-automatic dispensing. Move.
Choose machines that meet the needs of the industry, and some solve bubble problems.
It is very important to choose dispensing equipment. There are so many types of automatic dispensing machines in the market, which are prepared for the dispensing industry. In addition, some manual dispensing machines are also designed to meet the needs of the modern dispensing industry. They are directly related to the products. Selection is very important. This is related to the quality of the products and this is also related to this. Choosing a high-quality automatic dispensing machine can solve many dispensing problems, such as the circular dispensing requirement of electronic coil dispensing and the perfect dispensing of mechanical hand dispensing machine. This is the advantage of the development of science and technology.
A small way to solve bubbles
Any industry will affect the appearance of fluid bubbles. The best factor to solve the problem of fluid bubbles is to meet the dispensing requirements. Like the coil dispensing machine, if there are fluid bubbles, don't panic. We have many years to solve the problem. First, stop the automatic dispensing machine. Then use the agitator to mix the rubber drum, which will discharge the gas, then empty the glue inside the conveying tube, and then connect it to the rubber drum again. This can solve the fluid bubbles, which is very simple and effective.