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Some problems in the development of visual automatic dispens

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The rapid development of the domestic economy, but most of the technology is to keep up with the times, such as visual automatic dispensing machine, domestic dispensing machine development has decades of history, but the automation technology did not reach the level of foreign countries, also need to import high-quality parts from abroad, to produce some good vision the dispensing machine, the level of development lags far behind the foreign countries, the need to increase domestic automatic dispensing machine research and development efforts, strive to create their own top dispensing equipment.
Visual automatic dispensing machine
The most important or visual technology, in many industries are the same, the visual technology to meet the needs of the market, will choose this dispenser as the main equipment, or will not choose. The problems existing in the development of domestic dispensing machine, first of all, from the development of automatic dispensing machine point of view, the scope of application of automatic dispensing machine is not large enough, need to broaden from the basic road.
The biggest problem is to build the domestic visual dispensing technology without foreign advanced, of course foreign than domestic dispensing function development time is long, there is a foreign production technology is leading, these are foreign dispenserdesign advantages, these need to go beyond the dispenser.
Visual automatic dispensing machine
In addition to this issue, dispensing accuracy is one of the visual automatic dispensing machine is for the electronics industry, mobile phone industry and LED industry such as dispensing, dispensing accuracy of these industries need more demanding, less demanding on the accuracy of the industry, generally use semi automatic or manual point glue dispensing, so do it to do the best, so that it can increase the impact on the market.
The development of the visual automatic dispensing machine needs continuous research and development, the development of different dispensing technology, technology will always move forward, the largest visual automatic dispensing machine manufacturers also do not keep up with the pace of the domestic market, or are dispensing equipment use abroad, such costs will continue to increase.
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