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The demand of PVC trademark dispensing for glue quantity con

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PVC trademark dispensing mainly carries on the surface to carry on the painting, lets the product have the color, lets it have the better style, lets it inhale more people to carry on the purchase, which kind of machine can guarantee the PVC trademark dispensing effect? Xiaobian recommends an automatic spray dispensing machine that meets your requirements.
Which machine is more suitable for low concentration glue
Automatic spray dispensing machine can dispense glue by spraying, that is, spraying. Generally, trademark dispensing will use PVC glue, which is similar to glue. The spray valve of automatic spray dispensing machine is most suitable for using low concentration glue, because its sealing is very good, and it sprays at high pressure, so it is applied glue. The effect will be better, unlike the three-axis dispensing machine used in mobile phone dispensing, the performance and accuracy are far higher.
Differentiation between dispensing of mobile phone wiring and dispensing of PVC trademark
The three-axis dispensing machine used for dispensing glue in mobile phone layout generally uses a compound dispensing valve or a dispensing syringe. Although it has a certain sealing property, the sealing degree is very low, which is different from that of the automatic spray dispensing machine. However, the use of PVC glue is not as good as that of the spray valve. The main reason is that the dispensing syringe needs to be sealed. The dispensing needle can control the amount of glue, and the dispensing position of PVC trademark is easy to spread out, which not only does not improve the aesthetic feeling, but also leads to the decrease of aesthetic feeling.
Trademark dispensing
商标点胶 The main requirement of PVC glue is not high, and there is no requirement for dispensing valves. It only depends on whether it can meet the needs of the industry. Although the three-axis dispensing machine with mobile phone dispensing can use PVC glue, the dispensing effect of PVC trademark is not good and the bad rate is very high. It is better to use automatic spray dispensing machine for its performance. The quality is in line with the requirements of trademark dispensing. This is the dispenser recommended by Xiaobian for you.