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Spraying Equipment Applied to Three-proof Paint on Display S

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The three-proof paint can be applied to the glue-coating machine. Why? Because it is equipped with spray dispensing valves, it can be sprayed with three-proof paint. This method can accelerate the effect of painting. More importantly, it can meet the requirements of the glue-coating on the display screen. Product quality is the first pursuit.
Requirements for Three-proof Paint
It is better to use expensive glue-coating equipment than to use equipment that meets the requirements. Similar to desktop visual glue-dispensing machine, it has high-precision glue-dispensing function and high price, but it does not meet the requirements of display screen painting. Obviously, it can not be used as the main equipment for three-proof paint. It needs to be equipped with a glue-dispensing machine that can meet the requirements of three-proof paint on display screen to complete the task of glue-dispensing. Requirements, spray valve application effect will be better than expected.
Glue for Spray Valve Application
Spray dispensing valve is also known as spray valve, generally using low viscosity mobile liquid, such as paint, ink, grease, alcohol and some low concentration glue, and three anti lacquer is one of them. The screen is coated with three anti lacquer for surface coating, and spray method can make coating more uniform, which is one of the main reasons for producing spraying dispensing valve.
Matching Advanced
Desktop visual dispensing machine is manufactured with many advanced technologies and matched with the most advanced visual dispensing function at present, but dispensing method does not meet the painting requirements of the display screen, nor can it be used. Using ordinary dispensing machine with spraying dispensing valve can meet the requirements. This is the method we recommend you to use.
Spray painting application
In fact, there are many application industries of spraying valves. In addition to the three-proof paint on the display screen, there are circuit boards, patches, badges and so on. There are many other applications that can achieve spraying. Only the desired spraying machine can be used. Of course, for industries with higher technical requirements, desktop visual dispensing machine and spraying dispensing valve can be used as production equipment, which can also meet the effect of spraying paint. Fruit.
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