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Fast finishing of glue coating equipment for LED bathroom la

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LED bathroom lamp packaging can use three-axis glue coating machine, which can meet the packaging requirements. Why can the use of this dispensing equipment quickly complete the packaging requirements? In fact, it has a direct relationship with the machine equipment and accessories we use. In fact, packaging is focused on the effect. The product packaging effect is good, and naturally can meet the requirements of dispensing.
Selection of glue coating equipment suitable for production
We are making corresponding dispensing equipment for glue used in LED bathroom lamp packaging, such as: hot melt glue is needed for bathroom lamp packaging, and we produce a special glue dispensing machine using hot melt glue, which not only improves the applicability of dispensing, but also improves dispensing efficiency and reduces the probability of dispensing problems, so that dispensing tasks can be completed quickly.
Selection of dispensing needles suitable for production
卫浴灯封装 There are also dispensing accessories for LED bathroom lamp packaging. There are a large number of types of accessories on the market, including needles suitable for using large flow glue, dispensing valves using hot melt glue, stainless steel needles using high temperature glue and so on. We choose needles for bathroom lamp packaging, which is a large flow dispensing needle, which is in line with the bathroom lamp rim seal. This can accomplish the gluing task at one time without secondary correction.
Selection of Fixed Dies for Production
In order to quickly complete the bathroom lamp packaging, we need a variety of cooperation. In addition to using large flow dispensing needle and high-speed hot melt dispensing machine, we also need a fixed die for fixing the bathroom lamp. When dispensing, we can prevent the lamp tube from shifting, which can ensure the quality of the product. Combined with these products, we can quickly complete the packaging requirements.
If you don't know which equipment is directly helpful to the packaging of LED lamps, you can contact us directly. We can design a glue coating machine that meets the production requirements for you. Our telephone service hotline is 13928403389.