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What kind of glue applicator should be used to satisfy the b

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Remote controllers are generally used, in fact, the remote control keys are glued, more accurately, paint, so in such a small remote control keys can use what similar glue machine to meet the needs of production? Let Xiaobian recommend a device that meets the requirement of glue dispensing for remote control keys.
Available dispensing machine and dispensing valve
遥控器点胶 Four-position glue dispensing machine and circular glue dispensing valve can be used. First of all, let's know about the dispensing valve. The circular glue dispensing valve is also called plunger-type glue dispensing valve. It has stainless steel cylinder axis and good leak-proof glue function. It can meet the glue control requirements of the remote control button dispensing. Excessive glue and too little glue will affect the appearance and quality of the product, which is undesirable. Yes.
Advantages of using four-position glue machine
We recommend that you use the glue machine and circular dispensing valve mainly according to the glue and dispensing requirements, then the production demand is guaranteed, why not use the ordinary single-site glue machine? The reason is to use four-position glue dispensing machine, because the production is faster, double-position can dispensing two products at the same time, because the remote control button dispensing is basically the same, dispensing and control effect, in order to speed up production efficiency, the choice of bolt position glue coating opportunity is better!
双工位点胶阀 Visual dispensing machine can be used for production.
The key dispensing of remote control belongs to the industry of medium dispensing requirement. Besides the requirement of precision and glue, the basic requirement is not high. So we can quickly produce the equipment that meets the production requirement, the effect of circular dispensing valve and four-position dispensing machine, which can meet the production requirement. If you want to improve the production efficiency, you can use our visual dispensing machine. The fastest production speed can reach 800mm/sec, almost twice as fast as the general glue coating machine, and automatic equipment dispensing function, so the production speed will be faster!
If you need to use remote control button glue dispensing, four-position glue dispensing machine or circular glue dispensing valve, you can first find out about us, and then we will design the corresponding glue dispensing plan according to your requirements, so that the glue coating equipment can meet your needs more. Welcome to call us. Telephone service hotline: 139-2840-3389.