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Use silica gel dispensing to improve heat dissipation perfor

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Laptop radiator dispensing is a mature core technology for the medium-sized dispensing manufacturer. It can perfectly complete the requirements of heat sink coating and fixing, and will not lead to the emergence of gluing problems. The whole process is once. This is the automatic gluing machine produced by our medium-sized manufacturer.
笔记本散热片点胶 Use dispensing valve to control glue and prevent glue leakage
Before dispensing, it is necessary to match the dispensing accessories to meet the requirements, so as to ensure the accuracy and flow of glue, to meet the requirements of flow, control accuracy will be relatively simple, so we have a precise dispensing valve and plastic steel needle for automatic dispensing machine to control flow and accuracy. Precision dispensing valves are manufactured by our numerical control technology. Precision cutting and installation of each part are just right. There will be no glue leakage.
Automated dispensing enhances daily production
电脑散热片固定 The use of appropriate dispensing accessories can improve the quality, quality and speed of laptop heat sinks. The use of automated equipment is faster than manual production, which is between three and four times faster than manual production. The industries that need mass production, or the use of machine production can enhance the benefit conversion. Moreover, the use of automatic dispensing machine for laptop heat sinks dispensing is more uniform and improves the notebook. This heat dissipation function.
Glue coating machine can improve notebook heat dissipation
The heat dissipation function of notebook is one of the important factors that directly affects the quality of notebook, and also directly affects the customer experience. Buying automatic glue machine is the guarantee for customers and products. Using our automatic glue machine can protect these guarantees and give customers the best experience.
We can produce laptop radiator dispensing machine and precision dispensing valves that meet the requirements of silicone dispensing glue accuracy. Both requirements can be met. What are you waiting for? If you need an automatic gluing machine, please call the service hotline: 139-2840-3389.