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Debugging of visual automatic dispensing machine

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Visual automatic dispensing machine is widely used in the industry, to achieve the visual positioning precision dispensing work, large work platform can help users to perform batch automatic dispensing work, high practicability and long service life, most of the production line work using this device as the docking equipment package, users in the purchase of visual automatic dispensing machine to confirm the equipment installation and testing work.
Dispensing demonstration box for dispensing machine
Visual automatic dispensing machine of large area, the user can according to the operating instructions to install, to connect a grounding device as safety measures before installing the air source device to the steady state, must pass the pure pressure filter to normal use, can save the dispenser to a certain extent, the working life, at the same time to ensure the stable operation of a circuit voltage dispenser, working plane and clean working environment and should pay attention to.
Large visual automatic dispensing machine
The commissioning phase automatic dispensing machine determines the final effect, the general debugging work follow from low to high workload workload gradually change, in this process, if found that the problem should be corrected immediately, first check whether the normal display of visual display dispensing, the test object is fixed on the automatic dispensing work platform, and then through the fixture in the process of localization, and gradually increase the dispensing time dispensing accuracy to determine whether there are problems, if there is no problem debugging work is completed, can implement automatic dispensing work.
Automatic dispensing valve
Operators should consider some practical problems in programming, such as the actual application problems between automatic dispensing path and glue. If the glue viscosity is not suitable for normal dispensing, it is necessary to modify the programming program.