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Which sealant technology can meet the requirements of automa

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Sealing technology here refers to the spray dispensing machine dispensing technology, which technology can meet the needs of modern automated production? It is certain that the injection equipment with high-end dispensing technology can meet the sealing requirements, of course, each industry has its own level, dispensing industry is the same, analysis of sealing technology which is more in line with the requirements of automated dispensing.
www.668866.com At present, there are three kinds of sealing technology, such as ordinary dispensing technology, spray dispensing technology and online dispensing technology, which can be roughly divided into three ways.
1. Ordinary dispensing technology is one of the most conventional technologies at present, and it is also the most widely used dispensing technology, such as semiconductor packaging, toys, mobile phone shell dispensing, computer back cover sealing and so on. It is accomplished by ordinary dispensing technology, and the cost of this sealing technology is the lowest, so is the technology that can be realized.
2. Spray dispensing technology is a relatively advanced technology at present. The spray dispensing machine of PCB board is used to control dispensing accuracy, and the production speed is faster, which can meet the requirements of high-precision dispensing. The control of glue is more delicate. So desktop automatic spray machine is also a better sealing technology at present, and many spray valves adopt foreign technology. Surgery has a longer service life.
流水线式点胶机 3. Online spray dispensing machine is one of the most advanced sealing technology in China at present. It adopts pipeline production mode. The former two methods need manual assistant production, while the online one is full automation. The products are produced from parts to finished products at one time. The technology used by large companies or factories in general has better production efficiency than the above two. Many precision parts are selected. Online jet dispensing machine is chosen as the core dispensing machine.
At present, the third kind of sealing technology is also used for spraying glue on PCB board. Similar to semiconductor packaging, the former two technologies are generally used. The third one can be chosen mainly according to the strength and ability of the manufacturer, but the sealing technology of desktop automatic spraying glue machine is also very good.