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Solution of Upper Colour for Visual Jet Dispenser

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Visual jet dispenser is mainly used in dispensing glue with lower viscosity, such as glue viscosity below 500 CPS (similar to milk viscosity), or use more types of glue with these viscosity, such as paint, grease, ink, wash glue, etc. Shoe upper color is using water-based pigments, just in line with the time jet dispenser for spraying.
Pipeline Upper Colour
鞋子上色 Visual spray dispenser used in upper color is also known as shoe sprayer. The shoes we buy are basically produced by machine, and the color of shoe upper is the same, not by manual double coating, otherwise the cost of production is too high, so using spray dispenser is one of the most cost-saving methods, the effect of glue spraying can be consistent, and the whole water flow can be achieved. Line for the same upper color, visual jet dispensing machine can achieve the same pattern, this is the technology that can be achieved by jet dispensing machine, although there are requirements for glue, but can achieve a very high degree of technology.
Multifunctional Coloring Technology
The glue spraying effect and the circular glue spraying technology are the functions that the shoe upper spraying machine can realize. Because the color of the shoe upper is more complex, it needs a variety of glue dispensing technology to better realize glue dispensing. So the system we use in the shoe upper spraying machine is the PLC control system, which can realize a variety of complex pattern spraying and solve the complex glue problem, and can carry out the upper dispensing. Colour, ordinary dispensing machine is simply unable to meet the requirements of colouring, the effect of single glue spraying and circular glue coating technology, has been difficult to pour down many machines.
Visual positioning, fast gluing
Because the production of shoes will generally use the assembly line, and our shoe upper spraying machine, also online visual spraying dispenser, can be used together with the production line of shoes, so as to reduce jobs and procedures, speed up the rapid production of products, of course, you do not need to worry, the color of the upper will not be a problem, because the visual spraying dispenser has. The visual glue control function can advance the position where the equipment needs glue dispensing, so it can achieve fast coloring without color problem. This is the upper color scheme made by us.
Round gluing technology is a relatively simple technology to achieve, just need to be programmed on the spray dispenser's PLC system or imported with USB, as long as the PLC format, shoe spraying machine can be used, very convenient to use, all aspects of the upper color requirements can be met, how do you think of this time-jet dispenser?