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Dispensing accessories for desktop three-axis hot melt glue

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Automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine is a popular type of dispensing equipment. To dispensing hot melt glue, matching accessories are needed to achieve hot melt glue dispensing? What are the hot melt adhesives? Small knitting for automatic hot melt adhesive machine accessories analysis, need to match how many parts to be able to point hot melt adhesive.
Temperature Heating Device
自动热熔胶机 First of all, we will talk about the key points in the spare parts of automatic hot melt glue machine, temperature heating device, a device that can heat and constant temperature glue, the core parts of automatic hot melt glue machine, can connect the dispensing valve to heat glue, and can control the pressure value, because dispensing needs air pressure, no air pressure can not drive glue dispensing, so the temperature heating device has two functions. For heating, and secondly, for air pressure. The general type of automatic dispensing machine basically needs air pressure, which is very important for dispensing industry.
Hot melt adhesive dispensing valve
温度加热装置 The second key point of auto hot melt adhesive machine accessories is hot melt adhesive dispensing valve, which is used to store glue and raise temperature. After heating hot melt dispensing valve, the internal hot melt adhesive will also be heated. It can keep at 100 cameras and has high temperature resistance effect. But when dispensing on the side frame of tablet computer, you can't touch hot melt dispensing valve by hand, otherwise it will cause scald, because the whole glue valve will be burned. It's high temperature, so it can't touch. After using glue, you can open it with pliers and pour it directly into hot melt particles.
In order to dispense glue in the frame of tablet computer, automatic dispensing machine needs to be equipped with temperature heating device and hot melt glue dispensing valve, and with corresponding program control mode, so it can dispense glue in the frame of tablet computer. This is also a convenient way. The control effect of dispensing glue in the frame of tablet computer is not too high, so it can use ordinary automatic dispensing machine to dispensing glue as long as it can. Sufficient to meet the requirements of hot melt adhesive dispensing. The key parts of hot melt glue machine must be equipped with good quality products, otherwise accidents can easily occur.