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Platform-type three-axis high-speed jet dispensing machine

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The high-speed jet dispensing machine built on the three-axis platform has the same dispensing effect as the visual dispensing machine, but the dispensing effect has the same high-precision dispensing effect. It only needs manual dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can also be controlled in the range of 0.01 mm, and the cost is lower than the visual dispensing machine.
Structure and accessories of jet dispenser
高速喷射式点胶机 Ordinary high-speed dispensing machine is used as the structure, and spray dispensing valve and DE dispensing controller are installed on Z axis. The spray dispensing valve is one of the core parts of high-speed dispensing machine. It can dispense glue by spraying. Only DE dispensing controller can control dispensing controller. The spray dispensing valve is controlled by piezoelectric mode, but the ordinary dispensing control has no such procedure. In order to dispensing and spraying, the corresponding dispensing controller should be used.
压电式点胶阀 Scene of High Speed Jet Dispenser
The dispensing effect determines the value of the machine. The dispensing accuracy of the high-speed jet dispensing machine can be controlled at 0.01 mm, the moving speed can reach 500 mm/s, the spraying speed can reach 1000 mm/s, and the dispensing pressure is relatively high. The general type of high-speed dispensing machine is difficult to achieve this speed, because the dispensing valve with the dispensing speed is relatively slow. In order to achieve such a rapid dispensing effect.
点胶控制器 How to judge a dispensing equipment
The dispensing accuracy and dispensing speed are both to judge the value of a high-speed dispensing machine. High-speed jet dispensing machine can realize diversification, realize dispensing function, solve some difficult dispensing industry, speed up production and reduce production costs. These are dispensing tasks that can be realized by high-speed jet dispensing machine. Whether a dispensing equipment is worth this price fully reflects. In the dispensing equipment, so in order to meet the dispensing requirements, you can send samples to me, I help you carry out dispensing experiments, to meet the dispensing requirements, you can choose to buy our machines.