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Displaying glue spraying effect of spray dispenser

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The effect of glue spraying determines the quality of products. With the improvement of dispensing technology, it is no longer limited to ordinary dispensing methods. There are various dispensing modes, such as glue filling, coating, dropping, spraying and so on. Today, we mainly show you the effect of glue spraying and tell you what advantages it has.
Spraying with relatively low viscosity glue
High injection cost and high injection speed
喷射式点胶阀 After all, the cost of spray dispensing machine is still quite high. The price of a spray dispensing valve is about 40,000, double liquid is 80,000, which is equivalent to several ordinary dispensing machines. Therefore, ordinary dispensing machine can be used, or ordinary dispensing equipment will be chosen. Although there is no effect of glue spraying, there are many dispensing technologies, such as circular dispensing technology, curve dispensing technology and straight line dispensing technology. The dispensing technology and so on, these ordinary dispensing machines can also be realized. The spray dispensing machine's glue spraying effect is mainly the spraying speed, the dispensing speed can reach 1000 mm/s, the ordinary dispensing machine can not reach the speed, so the spray dispensing valve is expensive and reasonable, there are also two-head dispensing machine, which can achieve multi-double dispensing function.
喷射式点胶机 The spray dispensing valve will no longer be connected in detail, mainly to say the effect of glue spraying, spraying for control requirements, there is more obvious, sealing and glue out instructions will soon be implemented, which is the same as the order, so there will be no wire drawing or delayed glue collection. Even the use of double-head spraying machine will not be, this is not the technical scope of ordinary dispensing machine, circular coating technology and glue spraying effect spraying dispensing machine can be achieved.