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Paint spraying without visual dispenser is a loss

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Why is painting without visual dispenser a loss? It is well known that paint fluidity is good. Using dispensing syringes and dispensing valves to dispense glue will lead to the natural flow of glue, which will directly affect the beauty of the product. Imagine that there are traces of flow in the product. Who will choose such a product? Visual dispensing machine can solve the problem of automatic flow of sister's paint spraying.
What method to choose for paint spraying
视觉点胶机 Paint spraying technology is needed for the painting of hardware ornaments. Visual AB automatic dispensing machine with CCD visual control device and spraying dispensing valve can identify dispensing position and realize product detection function. Next, the reason why visual dispensing machine is used in paint spraying is mainly spraying dispensing valve, which is different from the previous dispensing valve, instead of using push rod dispensing valve. It is spray-type, using high-pressure way to achieve glue spraying, high-pressure spraying, less glue volume, direct bonding on the product, can not appear natural flow. Naturally there would be no such situation.
Why not use visual dispenser
油漆喷涂 Paint spraying or the use of visual dispensing machine is more stable. At present, no dispensing equipment has visual AB automatic dispensing machine with paint spraying technology. This is not only the contribution of spraying dispensing valve, but also the feeding of CCD visual control device, as well as other dispensing accessories. Only when all the accessories are combined into a visual dispensing machine with paint spraying technology, can it have hardware. Jewelry paint, jewelry glue, dice paint and so on, need to use paint spraying industry can oh, this is the advantage of intelligent equipment.
Through the narration and analysis of visual AB automatic dispensing machine, I understand why it is not suitable for visual dispensing machine to paint spraying is a loss.